5 Critical Emotional Eating Mistakes People Make That Lead to a 20lb+ Weight Gain and Increased Risk of Diabetes (And How to Reverse Their Effects)

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My name is Rick Taylar. I was a counsellor for 20+ years. I produce a weekly podcast called Weight Loss Mindset (Running for over 4 years). And now, I want to share everything I know with you.

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Day 1: Mistake #1 - Misinterpreting Hunger CuesDay 2: Mistake #2 - Using Food as the Primary Emotional Coping MechanismDay 3: Mistake #3 - Ignoring the Underlying Emotional TriggersDay 4: Mistake #4 - Neglecting the Importance of Balanced NutritionDay 5: Mistake #5 - Isolating from Support SystemsDay 6: BONUS MATERIAL